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This is a place where I hope that as you read about my miracles that you may want to share your stories as well. Every validation no matter how grand or how small will lift your heart. Please leave your comments or email them to me at , and I will share them too.

My husband and I were living the ultimate American dream. We had a wonderful family and were proud parents of four beautiful sons. We were so busy enjoying and living life. It was springtime and everything was a buzz as we were making final plans to support two of our boys; who were members of the Syracuse University Men’s lacrosse team, as they competed in the National Championship Games. Then without warning our lives were shattered. Everything that we knew and trusted was ripped from our grasp leaving this unimaginable gaping hole. In the spring of 2008 our son Aaron was killed in a motorcycle accident.

At that time I was not convinced by any stretch of the imagination that there was anything after death, but I also could not accept that he was taken from us. I knew that I had to find a way to fix this horrible tragedy, but how? The hurt was indescribable. I just could not get my head around that this was it, he was gone. How could that be? He was our son, he was supposed to be with us, we were supposed to take care of him and protect him. This pain was too much.

A few months after Aaron’s death I met a Medium, Melanie May and as we later learned, our meeting was completely orchestrated by Aaron. I was reluctant to trust in the abilities of a medium but on the other hand, I would do anything, take any risk to try to get my son back in anyway that I could have him. When I met with Melanie, she told me things that changed my life completely again. She told me things from my son that no one else could know. She told me specific thoughts that I had had about a book that I was reading, and she described in detail the plaque that his dad was making to honor his life. When speaking on the phone she told me right down to the color of the clothes that I was wearing, where I was standing at the moment and the description and color of the coffee cup in my hand. The messages from Aaron that he told Melanie to relay to me were specific and current. He told her to tell me these things so that I would trust that it was really him, and that he was still with me only in a different form. This experience was so foreign yet so very consistent with his personality and his way of doing things. Aaron was always bigger than life. You knew he was there even before he entered the room. With Aaron, if you knew him, you got all of him, all great big 6’3, here I am package. So, his methods of getting his messages to me and the things that he told Melanie were as if he were right there in the room with me. He was so insistent and demanding at times that Melanie would start to shake if she tried to put off his requests for her to call me.

Aaron told us that there was a much bigger picture to all of what has happened. Part of this bigger picture is that I would write about my miraculous journey, to help others to know that our loved ones are still with us, only their physical life ends. My journey of miracles has happened so that I could know that my son is still very much with me and with us all. I have documented each miracle and message, they are true and as they happened. Many times I would doubt that this could really be happening, thinking that I have made up each message because it is what I so desperately wanted to hear, only to receive the next validation proving to me again and again that he is there.

I have found my son again, or I should say that he has found me and at his insistence I have opened my heart and my mind to this different world.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aaron Sent A Dragonfly

Friday, May 20 was the third anniversary of Aaron's death.  Not a day that I wanted to even acknowledge.  My friends Melanie and Linda came over and Melanie did a reading for me; I don't think that she had much choice because Aaron was all over her.  As she walked into my house she said in a very deep voice which was not her own,"Hey Mom." Those are exactly the same words that Aaron spoke when ever he walked through door and its the one thing that I ask him for each day; to say those words.  As I looked at her as she came through the door her legs looked enormous; as though they were three times her normal size.  She was walking just like Aaron.  Melanie said that she felt just like him again- this had happened one time before.  That is soooo amazing.
As we were sitting on the deck at my house Melanie looked past the pond and into the woods and she said, "I see Aaron standing there in the woods and he is waving to us."  As I looked into the woods wishing that I could see him with my eyes I said; which I thought was to myself but wasn't, "Come over here Aaron, come next to me."
The next thing we knew a dragonfly came straight towards us, fluttered around Linda's head for a second and then landed right on my finger.  This dragonfly turned its head and looked directly at me.  It stayed and stayed; even as Linda got up, went into the house, dug out my camera and came back to take the picture.  The dragonfly never moved. Melanie said, "You asked Aaron to come over here; next to you and he is letting you know that he is".
The dragonfly is one of the things that Aaron sends to me to let me know that he is around.  Often a dragonfly will follow me all around my yard, staying either  level with my head or right in front of me as if leading the way knowing where I will go next.  I know that he sends the dragonfly because I can feel it and he has told this many times to my friend Melanie (who is a medium) .
Even when we are missing them the most, we only have to settle our brains and open our hearts to recognize the signs that our loved ones are all around us.  Aaron works very hard to make sure that I "get" his messages and that he is never really far away.  I am so grateful for that.

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