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This is a place where I hope that as you read about my miracles that you may want to share your stories as well. Every validation no matter how grand or how small will lift your heart. Please leave your comments or email them to me at , and I will share them too.

My husband and I were living the ultimate American dream. We had a wonderful family and were proud parents of four beautiful sons. We were so busy enjoying and living life. It was springtime and everything was a buzz as we were making final plans to support two of our boys; who were members of the Syracuse University Men’s lacrosse team, as they competed in the National Championship Games. Then without warning our lives were shattered. Everything that we knew and trusted was ripped from our grasp leaving this unimaginable gaping hole. In the spring of 2008 our son Aaron was killed in a motorcycle accident.

At that time I was not convinced by any stretch of the imagination that there was anything after death, but I also could not accept that he was taken from us. I knew that I had to find a way to fix this horrible tragedy, but how? The hurt was indescribable. I just could not get my head around that this was it, he was gone. How could that be? He was our son, he was supposed to be with us, we were supposed to take care of him and protect him. This pain was too much.

A few months after Aaron’s death I met a Medium, Melanie May and as we later learned, our meeting was completely orchestrated by Aaron. I was reluctant to trust in the abilities of a medium but on the other hand, I would do anything, take any risk to try to get my son back in anyway that I could have him. When I met with Melanie, she told me things that changed my life completely again. She told me things from my son that no one else could know. She told me specific thoughts that I had had about a book that I was reading, and she described in detail the plaque that his dad was making to honor his life. When speaking on the phone she told me right down to the color of the clothes that I was wearing, where I was standing at the moment and the description and color of the coffee cup in my hand. The messages from Aaron that he told Melanie to relay to me were specific and current. He told her to tell me these things so that I would trust that it was really him, and that he was still with me only in a different form. This experience was so foreign yet so very consistent with his personality and his way of doing things. Aaron was always bigger than life. You knew he was there even before he entered the room. With Aaron, if you knew him, you got all of him, all great big 6’3, here I am package. So, his methods of getting his messages to me and the things that he told Melanie were as if he were right there in the room with me. He was so insistent and demanding at times that Melanie would start to shake if she tried to put off his requests for her to call me.

Aaron told us that there was a much bigger picture to all of what has happened. Part of this bigger picture is that I would write about my miraculous journey, to help others to know that our loved ones are still with us, only their physical life ends. My journey of miracles has happened so that I could know that my son is still very much with me and with us all. I have documented each miracle and message, they are true and as they happened. Many times I would doubt that this could really be happening, thinking that I have made up each message because it is what I so desperately wanted to hear, only to receive the next validation proving to me again and again that he is there.

I have found my son again, or I should say that he has found me and at his insistence I have opened my heart and my mind to this different world.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New Home

Aaron's Mailbox has a new home with it's own web site.
I hope that we see you there :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Open To Change

As I did say in my last post, not much has been offered in the way of messages from my son; Aaron lately.  However, a lot has been happening all around whether I notice or not.  My own life has been very busy as of late; which I admit that I don't really like because then I feel that I sometimes loose that connection to him.  But, just like everywhere else, life keeps going.

So, as I was mowing the lawn last week, I heard a thought; clear as a bell in my head that said, "You're living only in the dead".  Hmmm.  I really thought it was just my own conversation with myself in my head and that was all.  My next thoughts went straight to; " I need to be more present with my boys, I haven't been there 100% as I should be".  This realization hit me as if a light went off.  I didn't even realize it or admit it before, but I have been pretty self absorbed in my world of hurt even though I didn't think that it effected anyone else.  I continued tho think about this as I finished the lawn, sometimes psyching myself up to charge ahead and start to live life again to the fullest, then my thoughts would drift back to thinking, 'What's the point?"

The next morning, I received a call from my dear friend Melanie, and she had some harsh scolding from my son.  Even though Aaron hasn't been around lately with many messages, I guess that I knew that there was somewhere in that fact too, a lesson for me.  I have had this constant pecking at me (that's how I describe it, because it won't go away, it just keeps coming back even though it is slightly uncomfortable and you really don't want to deal with it).  Somehow, I knew without discussing it with anyone that Aaron has held back from his many and constant messages to force me to move ahead with life.  I knew this in my gut, but I really didn't want to acknowledge it, not to anyone.

So, when Aaron finally did show up with his messages for me that morning, it really wasn't anything that I hadn't already heard him telling me- I just didn't realize that it was him all along.   As Melanie started to relay his message for me that morning, she was hesitant because she did not want to offend me.  "Aaron says that you have your heels dug in and your fists are clenched; you are not accepting that this is your life now.  It can't go back to how it was."   Ha, that's Aaron.  No sugar coating things with that boy.  But, I knew that what she was saying was true, I just didn't think that I was ready or willing to say it out loud.  Aaron, obviously had been patient long enough and was determined to push me forward.  Not that I am a willing participant, but really, who can fight with that?

So, I made a vow to myself to really try to be open to this new acceptance, even though I didn't say that I agree with it, but that I will make an honest effort.

The next morning I got myself up and out the door; off to Melanie's office to get back to work.  As I entered onto the highway the first thing that I noticed was a truck going by me in the opposite direction- "Aaron's" it said on the side in big blue letters.  Immediately after the truck passed, a blue heron flew right across the road in front of my car. (The blue heron is the bird that Aaron sends as a sign from him)

I know that he likes to act all big and tough with me sometimes, to help me face the hard stuff.  But at the end of the day, he always backs it up with great big "Aaron" hug.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Open yourself up to receive messages; advice from a medium

Here is a great example of how our loved ones are always trying to send messages to us, but, we might miss them.  My friend Melanie May, who is a medium told me this story that happened to her today.  She is an extremely gifted medium and one of the things that she tells her clients repeatedly is, "Be open to receiving their messages in different ways; not just in the way that you expect them to come."

Just like all of us, Melanie is always longing to hear messages from her beloved father-in-law; Pop.  Even though she is a true medium, she cannot always get communications from her people when ever she wants them, she has to ask and wait sometimes, like you and me.  A couple of days ago, Melanie asked Pop to send her a Blue Jay. Pop usually sends a Cardinal as his sign, but sometimes he will send a Blue Jay and this is what she asked for.  A couple of days went by and no sign of a Blue Jay.  Melanie had received a card in the mail and as she was cleaning up she picked up the card to throw it in the trash.  All of a sudden, she said that she was told very strongly to "stop, look at the card before you throw it out."  There on the front of the card was a tree with a Blue Jay in it.

There, on the card, was just what she had asked for, only she was looking in the wrong places.  We often ask for signs, guidance, or help from our loved ones just to assure us that they are still there.  I think that almost all of the time, they do grant our requests and try repeatedly to let us know that they are there.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It sure has been quiet around here :(

Well, I haven't had much to write on the blog about over the past several weeks and that makes me very sad.  This being an extremely busy time of year for me; I don't seem to receive many messages from Aaron.  I know that it is because of me; the fact that I am running constantly, too busy to sit quietly and take it all in;  and not because he is not sending any messages. But, when he is quiet I start to get anxious and worried that he will stop communicating. Even though my logical brain knows better than that and I do feel him all of the time, my heart and my "mom" me, become sadder as each day goes by.  My friend; Melanie has her own stuff going on right now and she hasn't heard anything from his either, which only compounds my feelings.  We both keep saying "Where are you Aaron, we need some of your wonderful spirit". But nothing!  He must be busy or maybe this is another lesson that I am supposed to learn.  This, I think is part of the meaning of faith.  You can't always touch it, feel it, see it, but you keep believing because you know that it is there. It is not always easy to have faith, to say the least, and for me it seems to be a lesson that will be ongoing.

And then yesterday afternoon.....
I was meeting Melanie for a quick lunch while I was running around getting supplies for my next event.  We were both going to be on the same side of town so we decided to meet for a quick bite and to catch up.  On the way, my youngest son, Jeffrey called me and since he had a break from classes for a while he decided that he would join us too.  (He also needed to hit me up for some college cash- I wonder if that had anything to do with the impromptu visit ? hmmm.)  But, neither one of us cared what Jeffrey's real motives were, we were glad to have him with us and for the time to sit and catch up with him.

 Jeffrey was getting ready to head back to school after some good food and some good talk and all of a sudden Melanie asked him who's jacket did he have on.  He was wearing a lacrosse jacket that had the number 42 on it.  Jeffrey said that it was either Kyle's or Thomas' from school.  Melanie said that Aaron was telling her that it was his  and as she looked at the number 42  on the jacket, he was showing her by making the numbers glow.  Melanie said that Aaron said that it was his number.  Melanie looked at Jeffrey and I with a confused look on her face.  "Why is he telling me that it's his?"  Melanie had no way of knowing because she did not know us back then, but all four of the boys always wore the number 42.

That's all I needed.  Just a quick hello from him to let us know that he is with us.  It's not the message that is always so important, but who is sending it.  Keep the faith.    

Monday, September 12, 2011

What can I say?

Last Friday evening, my friend; intuitive medium, Melanie held an Open Reading session.  This is where a group of people sit together and she will relay messages from their loved ones or people connected to them.  I haven't heard much from Aaron in the past couple of weeks and this particular night I did not hear from him either which is not typical.  He keeps telling Melanie that I don't need her abilities to know that he is with me; that I know this for myself now, however I am not buying into that at all, I know that I need her. But, I also do know that he has been sending signs to me, that I am sure of.

On Friday afternoon, before the Open Reading, I got in the car to run some errands.  As I started to drive out of my driveway, I noticed this ever so tiny, green head of a bug looking at me from over the top of my windshield wipers.  It was so tiny but I knew that it was looking right at me through the glass.  I stopped the car, got out and looked and there was this very small dragon fly. ( Aaron sends dragon flies as a sign from him)  It turned its head as I came around to it as if it were following me, then it flew away. I was thrilled to see this sign from Aaron, yet I was feeling greedy, I wanted more, even just a quick hello from him passed on from Melanie.   So, I went to the Open Reading and it was amazing as usual.  The messages that came through for the people there, were astounding. But, nothing from Aaron.  Even though I did not hear from Aaron, it is still very affirming and uplifting to witness this connection for everyone there, but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed not to hear from my son.  Melanie said that he must be busy because it seems that every time that there is something big going on in the world, he becomes quite, so we think that there are others that need him more than me right now with the anniversary of 9/11.

The next morning I arrived at Beaver Lake for an event that I was working.  As I approached my trailer that I work out of and went to unlock the door, there sitting near the lock was a single dragon fly, as if it was just waiting for me to arrive and say good morning and do you "get" it now?  I guess that Aaron had another lesson for me this day.  I really had to go back and appreciate the miraculous effort that he makes to contact me, no matter how small or how big.  It's not for me to dictate or be disappointed that the connection is not in the manner that I was looking for, but to accept any sign, in any way that I get from Aaron and to cherish each and every one.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


This is the weekend that I have a booth at the Beaver Lake Golden Harvest Festival and it brings to mind one of my favorite moments.

I was getting ready to leave to work at the Golden Harvest Festival; it was the year following Aaron's death and I was still pretty much in a fog.  I hadn't quite adjusted myself to always be on the look out for signs  and  I don't think that I was totally convinced that we all "get" signs; we just need to be open to them.  I still needed to be reminded often that Aaron was around me and that I could recognize it.

Before I left for the day, I was looking at some sunflowers that I had planted; because they made me think of Aaron.  It was the first time that I had grown sunflowers and I loved to look at them and think of Aaron.  As I drove to Beaver Lake, I was crying my eyes out.  Seems like the car is one of the places that it gets to me the most.  I was driving and crying and asking Aaron, to please send me a sign today, I really need a sign to get through the day. " If you really are watching over me, please send me something today; anything, just let me know that you are there."

I arrived at Beaver Lake, parked my car and started walking towards the festival.  All of a sudden, I started to notice something quite strange all around me.  Every where that I looked there were sunflowers:  a huge arc of sunflower balloons as you entered the festival, sunflowers on the scarecrows placed through out the grounds and all of the volunteers had sunflowers on their shirts.  It turned out that the theme for the event that year was sunflowers.   As I walked around and saw these sunflowers everywhere that I looked, I felt as though Aaron was all around me; as though he had placed each and every sunflower just so that I would see them and know that they were from him.  Needless to say I was overwhelmed, but, I know that he had a hand in making everything fall into place at just the right moments so that I would not miss any of it.  He works so hard to make sure that we are okay.  I remember that day so well each year when I take out my sunflower shirt to wear at  Beaver Lake.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Dragonfly visit at the NY State Fair

I have a couple of booths at the NY State Fair and it is always a very busy time with long hours for me.  I finally had a break to look at any messages sent to me.  My friend Melanie had just sent a text message to me and in it she said that she was so excited because she had just seen a blue heron; which by now everyone knows is one of the signs that my son Aaron sends to let us know that he is around.

I was sending a text back to Melanie, how happy I was that she saw the heron but disappointed that I haven't seen one.  As I was actually composing the text, a dragonfly landed on my knee and was looking right at me.  Seriously?  A dragonfly;( which is another sign from Aaron), found me a midst all of the thousands of people at that fair?

Love that boy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Missing Frank

This  heart warming story was submitted to this blog so that it could also be shared with you.   Thank you Linda.

On January 2nd,  2010,  my dad who had dementia left my house which was the coldest day in January. He had gotten into an accident and drove home, I knew where he had been and why he was there , I always knew what he was doing, I made it a point to know because he had slight dementia.  He could still drive but my husband and I knew it wasn't going to last much longer. He came back home and walked into the house, my daughter was there and he asked her where I was... I was at my oldest and best friends house visiting. My nephew came to the house shortly thereafter and called me and said did I know papa got into an accident?  Of course I did not he searched the house and did not find my dad.  I raced home and he was no where to be found.  We started to search, the troopers and the firemen. He was a retired firemen and they were glad and wanted to find him.  I met a medium who had directed me towards the places where he had been.  Unfortunately we found him three months later in Onondaga Lake. I was devastated. After he was found I had so many unexplained visits from him and answers from this medium that she could never know. I remember during the search I went into a storage unit. I went through all of them and was drawn to a specific one and knew he had been there. I was so afraid to look that my adult daughter had to look through all of them.  The medium that I went to confirmed with out me saying anything, that he had been there. After all of this I have heard from my dad through this medium and her name is Melanie May.  He had communicated things that are going on in my life now, wow it is astounding that someone can tell you what your loved one is saying it gives me such peace....Linda

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad

The other evening, we were going out for dinner to celebrate my husband, Tom's birthday.  We were all sitting on the porch while waiting to leave.  As we got up, I noticed that Tom had left his cigarettes and lighter on the table on the porch.  I didn't say anything, figuring that either he left them on purpose or at least it would be less opportunity to smoke if he didn't have them.  

We went to dinner with no mention of the cigarettes.  During our meal, my phone rang, which was my friend Melanie.  I could not answer her call and then thought it too late to call her back when we returned home.  The next morning Melanie called me and said, "I tried to call you and I called Tom's phone too, it was a message from Aaron.  He said Happy Birthday Dad, and he also said to say that he couldn't smoke."  When I called Tom to relay the message from Aaron, he was thrilled and he said that he did forget his cigarettes and was bummed that he wouldn't be able to smoke!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

In The Garden

My friend, Melanie, held an Open Reading a few weeks ago.  These events are held in a group and Melanie relays messages  from those who have passed.  It is a truly remarkable thing to witness as people that you don't know anything about receive completely validating information from their loved ones that Melanie could not possible know.  Some messages pertain to long ago and some are as current as that minute.

Since I talk with Melanie daily and help her with these events, I usually tell my son Aaron; "It's okay if you don't bring any messages for me tonight because all of these other people need it more right now, and you can reach me anytime through Melanie."  Well, I tell Aaron that each time, but I don't always really mean it in my heart.  I love to hear from him any chance that I can.  However, I do know that all of the other guests are there to hear messages for themselves, and quite frankly, any message that you hear; no matter who it is for, is such an uplifting experience for everyone to witness.  

As Melanie and I were setting up for the event prior to any of the quests arriving, Melanie suddenly said, "Aaron's here and so is Pop".  Pop is Melanie's beloved father-in-law and many times he and Aaron are together on the other side.  They didn't have any specific message only that they were there with us.   I was thrilled to know that my boy was there, that was all that I needed, just to know that he is around makes it possible to get through the day.  

The Open Reading event was going along as incredible as always.  Many messages were relayed and the people that they were specifically for were "awe" struck as usual, and the rest of the audience benefited as well.  I love to attend these events because it just proves to me again and again that our loved ones really do still exist.  As Melanie kept giving each message and she was approaching the end of the evening, suddenly she looked at me in the back of the room and said, "Gayle, Aaron says to say herb garden to you."  I really wasn't expecting to hear anything more from him that evening especially since he had already let me know that he was there.  But, that was just like Aaron, he always knows when I need to hear from him the most; even if I don't know it myself.    I was quite surprised at the message that Melanie relayed from Aaron.  It's always the insignificant mentions that really take my breath away.  That day, I was feeling that I just didn't have much energy.  I was excited and looking forward to the event that evening, however I felt very "unmotivated" during the day.  I decided to turn on the TV that afternoon, which is something that I rarely do during the day.  I flipped through the channels and settled on a cooking show.  I used to love to watch these shows prior to Aaron's death, but I haven't had any desire since.  I began watching this particular show and as the host was demonstrating her cooking, it kept flipping back and forth between her and an herb garden that someone was planting in her yard.  This herb garden was so beautiful and I remember thinking to myself how pretty and unusual it was.  That was it.  I finished watching the show, got ready for the evening and off I went.  I didn't even think about it again.

It's sooooo comforting to know that Aaron is with me; as all of our loved ones are, not only when my heart is hurting so, but also just hanging out with me when I least expect it.  Just like before... when we would just sit on the couch and watch TV and chill.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Watch for this.

I talked to a man a couple of days ago.  I had called his number because his name was on the list wanting a reading with Melanie May.  As it turned out, we had quite a conversation with so much to talk about and a lot of common perceptions.  He was awe struck at the timing of my call to him because the following day, he was on his way to NYC to ground zero of the 911 tragedy.  His brother John had been one of the victims of 911 and he had been asked; along with other victims' family members to meet at ground zero where they could share their stories of experiences and miracles that they have received from their loved ones that were killed on that horrific day.

I was so fortunate to listen as he told me many of his experiences; how he heard from his brother almost immediately after  his death and he told him that he was okay and what should be done to help his other family members.  His stories and stories from the other relatives that gathered for this meeting were filmed and will be aired as a documentary on A& E on September 10 and 11th.  I hope that everyone will make it a point to watch this documentary, as I am sure that it will enlighten us all.  I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Mountain (Eulogy) by Dan Christy

As I am so fortunate to be the person that answers the calls of many people looking to schedule an appointment with my friend ; Intuitive Medium, Melanie May, I am often privileged to hear their own stories of miracles and experiences that have happened to them.  I know that all of us have the ability to communicate with our loved ones that have passed, and that some of us are much more aware and open to this wonderful ability than others.  Each story and miracle that I hear lifts my heart just as though I were hearing it straight from my son Aaron.  

The following is written by Dan Christy  after the untimely passing of his son. I spoke with Dan on the phone yesterday and as we spoke,  we began sharing stories of our experiences since the passing of our sons.  I found that we had much to talk about not only sharing of our experiences but also how the events of the past few years have changed who we are and the way in which we view our world.   It is my wish that as you read about these experiences whether they are written by me or by someone that sends me their story; that you will find peace and comfort.

I am grateful to you Dan; for sharing your experience with us.

The Mountain (Eulogy)
A special gift to Dan & Debra Christy from God   -   Written by Danny’s Dad

Although I moved away from the "every Sunday church" thing, I have always been a believer in faith, and communicated with God often.

In the days following my son's passing, I had been continually crying out to him to give me SOME kind of sign to acknowledge that he knew I loved him and that he was okay now. I had been carrying quite a bit of guilt with me as the last few years I felt that I wasn't doing enough to try and help him with his personal problems.

Just a few months prior to his passing he mentioned to me that it would be nice to go hiking and mountain climbing with me again sometime, as we hadn't done anything together in years, and we both enjoyed hiking.  Looking at my underweight, un-healthy, chain-smoking son, I said yeah, maybe we could someday.  But I knew that in his poor physical state it would be nearly impossible. After my son's passing, I had been consumed with guilt because I didn't even TRY to do it.

On the Tuesday evening following Danny's death, my sister Nancy invited Father Guida, a “gifted” priest that she knew, to our home.  She had mentioned that he had helped her with some personal issues in the past and thought he might be able to provide some comfort to Debra and me.  He prayed over each of us and, while touching my head and praying to Jesus to relieve me of my pain, he paused and the room became quiet.   Debra looked up at him and, with his eyes closed, he asked me, "Did your son like hiking?" A chill went down my back and I said, "Yes, very much."  He then told us that, "He has His hand on your son's shoulder and is telling him, "Let's go for a hike."  When I asked the Padre who "He" was, he simply replied, "Jesus…your son is with Him”.   The room became very quite again. He then proceeded to tell me that Danny was with Jesus and they were hiking down a path with a mountain in the distance. While climbing the mountain, he saw that they had paused at a “plateau” part way up. They then turned together and Jesus again put His hand on Danny's shoulder and they continued their climb towards the summit. He said that both Danny and Jesus were looking down upon us while the Padre was praying over Debra and me.

My family and friends, the last time I climbed a mountain with my son, it had an open plateau part way up where we enjoyed the view and camped before climbing to the summit the next day. Father Guida had absolutely no knowledge of ANY of this, Danny's love of hiking, or my guilt in relation to it. I felt as though a 400-pound load of bricks had been removed from my shoulders.  After this prayer session, I knew that God had communicated, through Father Guida, what I was looking for:   confirmation that my son knew that I loved him, that he was okay, and that he had returned to the same mountain for a hike to relieve my guilt.

Father Guida mentioned to my sister that at the time of her request for the home visit, he was extremely busy and didn’t really have the time to spare. However, he felt a strong “compelling” that he must do this. He also stated that because he does not know the significance of information received in such visions, he is hesitant to acknowledge all details. This way, in the event that any details may be of a negative nature, it won’t cause pain to the family. However, in our case he said the vision was so powerful, he was convinced that all information could be nothing but positive.  He was correct.

Please say a prayer for Danny, hold your children close, and know that God, Danny and Debra and I love all of you.  Let it be known that I will be returning to that mountain soon for another climb to the summit.

Giant Mountain  -   Adirondacks          

Friday, July 22, 2011

Aaron says "Peaches"

I was at my friend Melanie's house the other day.  Melanie is an intuitive medium and Aaron speaks to her frequently, but, he has been quite lately; which makes me sad although I think that he must just be busy.  While I was on my way driving to her house, Melanie called me on my cell phone.  "Guess what just happened?  I was driving down the road and two (2) blue herons swooped down right in front of my car and landed in the field."  The blue heron one of the very first signs that Aaron sent to let us know that he is around and he continues to send them.  Melanie always asks for signs or messages to be sent in two's (one for her and one for me).  I also need to add that it's usually the case, that she gets her way too.

I was delighted to hear that Aaron was making himself known, he always likes it whenever we get together and I was just thrilled to hear from him.  So I arrived at Melanie's house and as we were chatting by her pool, she said, "Aaron's here and he is saying "Peaches".  Why is he saying peaches?  Does that mean something?"  We had planted a peach tree for him when he was little and that was the only thing that I could think of that would connect to "Peaches".  "No, he is not telling me that that is the connection to "Peaches".  Melanie said.   When Aaron, or any spirit is communicating with Melanie and the connection is confirmed, she is flooded with goosebumps and has a very definitive "knowing" that we are getting the correct message.  This was not the case when I mentioned the peach tree.  Well, we knew that we just needed to be patient and he would let his meaning of "peaches" unfold.

We were by now floating on rafts in her pool when I noticed something else also floating in the water.  There was a small frog floating right along side of us.  I scooped the frog out of the pool, only to have him jump right back into the water.  "You know,"  I said.  "That would be just like Aaron to send that little frog to see if we would freak out and run from the water in hysteria.""  As soon as I said those words, Melanie was completely flooded with confirmation from Aaron, letting us both know that he was still up to his tricks.  "He is saying "Peaches" to me again."  Melanie said.  "What could that mean?"  I still had no idea but I knew that he would get his meaning through especially since he kept bringing it up.

It was time for me to head back home.  I was a little disappointed not getting the meaning of "peaches" but I told myself to be patient, Aaron has never let me down before.  If he is referring to something, then he will stay with it until I "get it".  As I opened the door to step outside and collect my belongings and head home, the words played on the radio right by the door, "Grandpa selling peaches".  The song: "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away"  was playing and those were the words at that exact moment.

Nothing like a beautiful message from my son to make me cry and smile with such lifting of my heart.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Last week Melanie called laughing and asked,"Why is Aaron saying "oink" to me?  Why would he be saying that word?"  Well my husband and I had just returned from  the county fair.  These fairs are very agricultural and always have local live stock.  I laughed with Melanie and I was thrilled to know that Aaron was keeping tabs on us.

A few days later, as I was walking through the fair a little girl stopped me and said "look", as she pointed to her cheek. There, painted in a pretty shade of pink was the face of a pig painted on her cheek!  Don't you just love it?!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Keep Believing

Well it's been pretty quiet around here.  Not many messages from my boy.  However, that might not be exactly true.  I do know that he sends messages to me all of the time; it's me who is just not receiving them.  
So, it is now more important than ever to keep believing.  This is when I need to take a moment to look around and notice him.  Soak in all of the  things that remind me of Aaron.  This is when I am so grateful that I work with Melanie and can talk to the many different people that call her office each day, sometimes telling me their stories or just sharing their need to connect with their loved ones.  This is what keeps me going.  The stories that I hear, the messages that they share, may not be specifically from my son to me, but they lift my heart and my spirit just the same.  Yes, I am reassured again today, that our loved ones are still with us.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Wedding

Our niece was married in a most beautiful event this weekend. Everything was perfect.  Family and friends were there.  Sometimes its so hard to imagine these milestone events in our lives knowing that Aaron will not be at them.
The morning after the wedding  were sitting outside of the hotel having coffee with many of our family and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the lake.  As we sat, a blue heron flew back and forth in front of us.  The heron flew back and forth, over and over repeatedly as if wanting to make sure that none of us missed him.  The blue heron is the bird that Aaron sends to us to let us know that he is there.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aaron Sent A Dragonfly

Friday, May 20 was the third anniversary of Aaron's death.  Not a day that I wanted to even acknowledge.  My friends Melanie and Linda came over and Melanie did a reading for me; I don't think that she had much choice because Aaron was all over her.  As she walked into my house she said in a very deep voice which was not her own,"Hey Mom." Those are exactly the same words that Aaron spoke when ever he walked through door and its the one thing that I ask him for each day; to say those words.  As I looked at her as she came through the door her legs looked enormous; as though they were three times her normal size.  She was walking just like Aaron.  Melanie said that she felt just like him again- this had happened one time before.  That is soooo amazing.
As we were sitting on the deck at my house Melanie looked past the pond and into the woods and she said, "I see Aaron standing there in the woods and he is waving to us."  As I looked into the woods wishing that I could see him with my eyes I said; which I thought was to myself but wasn't, "Come over here Aaron, come next to me."
The next thing we knew a dragonfly came straight towards us, fluttered around Linda's head for a second and then landed right on my finger.  This dragonfly turned its head and looked directly at me.  It stayed and stayed; even as Linda got up, went into the house, dug out my camera and came back to take the picture.  The dragonfly never moved. Melanie said, "You asked Aaron to come over here; next to you and he is letting you know that he is".
The dragonfly is one of the things that Aaron sends to me to let me know that he is around.  Often a dragonfly will follow me all around my yard, staying either  level with my head or right in front of me as if leading the way knowing where I will go next.  I know that he sends the dragonfly because I can feel it and he has told this many times to my friend Melanie (who is a medium) .
Even when we are missing them the most, we only have to settle our brains and open our hearts to recognize the signs that our loved ones are all around us.  Aaron works very hard to make sure that I "get" his messages and that he is never really far away.  I am so grateful for that.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Daisey !!

A stray kitten has shown up at our door.  We are not a cat family, so I wasn't exactly sure what to do.  The cat hung around no matter how much I tried to ignore her.  I knew she was hungry but was instructed not to feed her because she would never leave.  Well, I could only hold my ground for so long and then I just had to feed her; poor thing.
I told my friend Melanie (who is a medium) that a cat had shown up and she said that she is a grey tiger stripe cat, right?  Of course!  She also said, "Guess who sent the cat to you?"  If Aaron sent the cat to us then there is no way that I can turn her away.
I was thinking of names for the cat and coming up with all of these sentimental names because of Aaron.  When I saw Melanie the next day, she said that the cat's name is Daisey.
So there you have it!  (I'm taking her to the vet today, I think that she is moving in)

I hope that as you read about these messages that I receive from the other side, that you will be inclined to share your own stories here as well.  Every story of how our loved ones live on, is so inspiring to us all.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day

Holidays don't have the same meaning as they used to and Mothers Day is now at the top of the list.  A day to celebrate my blessings of being their mother is bitter sweet when one of my children is no longer with us.
I receive messages frequently from Aaron so on Mothers Day I was privately hoping to hear from him either through my friend Melanie May or something that I would "get" myself. The day went on and I did not receive any signs from him and my heavy heart grew heavier.

When ever I am talking to Aaron; in spirit,  I say to him. "Don't ever stop sending me messages.  You know that I need to hear it over and over again.  Once is not enough for me, it is never enough; you know that about me." 

As we sat at dinner, my son Jeffrey gave me a card for Mothers Day. The front of the card said "Listen carefully, because I am only going to say this once."  The inside of the card had the phrase "I LOVE YOU" about 20 times.  The card also said Happy Birthday which was crossed out by Jeffrey and replaced with Happy Mothers Day.  I KNOW that the card was from them both!

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Blue Heron

In one of my first readings with Melanie, Aaron mentioned that I would write a book about my journey. I was sitting at my desk today working on that book when suddenly I felt that familiar tingling sensation all over the top of my head.  I immediately looked out of the window into the back yard and a blue heron flew past and landed in our pond.  The heron is the big bird that Aaron sends to us as a sign from him.  Wow again! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I watched the movie "Hereafter" today.  WOW!  I have been waiting to see it.  It is very accurate in so many ways from the perspective of the grieving and from the perspective of the medium with the "gift".  This movie could have been written just for me.  Aaron woke me up this morning to say that I needed to do something fun with my friend Melanie.  Perfect time to watch this movie.  This is another instance that makes me wonder.... just how far back in time are things or events put into motion to be played out later in your life.  Way too many elements in the movie that mirrored what I have experienced to be coincidence.  I am listening and I do catch every detail, I would never waste the wonderful connection. You are amazing!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Truck.... ugh!

We sold Aaron's truck.  A truly bitter sweet accomplishment.  He said that it was ok to sell it, he was fine with it and he said "two".  Does that mean it sold the 2nd time that I listed it, or that it sold in the 2nd month (Feb) or that it would be the 2nd person that came to look and that the buyer also lost his son?  That's alot of two's.  Ok I am listening.  Sometimes I just forget, but you don't let me slip for too (2, two) long.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Woods.

Well, welcome to my blog.  This is my first post and I don't quite know where to start it off.  The picture on the top of the blog is of our woods.  It is the woods that Aaron loved and spent most of his time.  I look into the woods all of the time.  It always looks beautiful and fresh especially with all of the snow.  I took the picture today with the sun shining and the water sparkling, it's a new day.  A new beginning.

When my son Aaron, was killed almost three years ago in a motorcycle accident, I thought that the world should end along with his life.  I thought that was it, there was nothing more.  Was I wrong, and Aaron hasn't let me forget it.